In Archway Products, we are proud of the quality delivery by RoadMaster. We believe in continuous improvement and we are always working incorporating the latest technology to our products and services.

We currently have the best available technology for road maintenance in the market.  Our unique technology includes:

Belly Brush

Belly brush allows debris and stray chips to be swept off the road surface.


Main hydraulic functions are controlled by a heavy-duty industrial type joystick, ergonomically designed for maximum user comfort and safety. The sluice position control system allows the operator to pre-sel ect the flow of aggregate.

Jet System

The calibrated jet system provides consistent even coverage of the existing road surface, ensuring that the base of the repair is sealed from further water ingress

Autofold Boom

The Auto-fold boom folds across the front of the chassis to a transportation position. This allows the operator to move quickly from site to site in a safe manner.


Patented splitter device allows even coverage of large areas with less distribution of aggregate between patches.

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