Roadmaster Sprayer

Roadmaster® Sprayer has been designed and developed exclusively for the application of cold pour vertical joint sealants – thus reducing manual handling issues using traditional watering cans or buckets with hand brushes.

Products capable of being applied using Roadmaster® Sprayer include RS BituKold 15kg, PolyKold 15kg, and also K1-60 & K1-40, 25kg (with optional lance attachment). The optional hand lance attachment can also be used with 200kg drums of K1-60, K1-40 and Colbond50.


  • Fast and accurate application of the material puts it exactly where it requires to be with little wastage therefore better coverage is achieved, leading to more economical road construction. From a 15kg tub of RS Bitukold poured with a watering can coverage would be approx 80 up to 100 linear metres of kerb with 60-80mm depth on the kerb face, with RoadMaster® Sprayer approx 200 – 250 linear metres could be applied (conditions allowing).
  • The patented jet and delivery system can be fully adjusted so it can apply vertical joint sealant to below the road surface and onto trench face edges that are back towards the machine.
  • A separate brush attachment (included) can be used when large kerb face areas require to be evenly coated.
  • With the addition of an optional hand lance attachment, the Roadmaster® Sprayer can be used as a mini tack coat sprayer for spray patching.
  • The strong chassis mounted sprayer is easily manoeuvred on even the most awkward sites with it’s large pneumatic wheels, an adjustable side wheel is provided to help guide the Roadmaster® Sprayer along the kerb line.

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