• The Roadmaster® completes the average repair in just a couple of minutes and enables a single operator to carry our hundreds of meters of patching in a single shift.
  • There is no requirement to excavate the existing road surface when carrying out SIP and new material is only mixed at point of application so there is zero waste. Therefore there are huge economic and environmental benefits associated with the Roadmaster® operation.
  • As the SIP process fills the existing road defect void without the requirement for excavation there is a reduced requirement for new material. This again makes the Roadmaster® an environmentally and economically friendly product.
  • The Roadmaster is not only designed to repair fully formed defects but can also treat road surfaces that are in the early stages of deterioration such as fretting and cracked surfaces which ultimately results in a more cost effective programming of any network.

Due to the above facts users have achieved financial saving of up to 80% when compared with conventional repair methods.

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