Archway is now in pursuit their vision of becoming the International market leader in Spray Injection Patching

Archway Products Ltd. invites you to the launch of their new Hybrid Combi Patcher at the Park Hotel Dungarvan on the 2nd of November 2016. This Launch will also provide an opportunity to see some of the latest technical advances in Spray Patching technology.

The Archway Roadmaster has been seen on the streets of Plymouth recently. “The ‘Roadmaster patcher’ has been hired by Plymouth City ouncil for a month-long trial to tackle potholes across the city…”

Our Roadmaster Spray Injection Patching Unit has been receiving a lot of positive press recently in both the national and international media.

Most engineers will be familiar with the phenomenon with ‘crazing’ or ‘crocodile cracking’ where movement or sponginess in the road surface causes a patterned cracking, which in turn allows water ingress which can lead to a rapid ‘blowout’ type of failure.

" A huge Thank you to Archway RoadMaster for the sponsorship of Alva Swifts 2007s Youth Football Team..."

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