Most engineers will be familiar with the phenomenon with ‘crazing’ or ‘crocodile cracking’ where movement or sponginess in the road surface causes a patterned cracking, which in turn allows water ingress which can lead to a rapid ‘blowout’ type of failure.

Placing a thin layer patch over this type of defect runs the risk of the cracks reappearing through the patch, and therefore the life of the patch can be greatly shortened.

Archway Products have recently developed a means of adding fiber strands to the patch material, which will greatly enhance the strength of the patch.

This reinforcing has the effect of causing the patch material to stretch rather than crack, in response to sub-surface movement thus preventing water ingress.

This new patented system is currently under trial and is expected to greatly enhance the ability of the Roadmaster to deliver long-lasting and cost-effective repairs. Further information will be posted as test results become available.

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