About Us

Archway Products are designers and manufacturers of specialised state of the art road repair machinery. With the development, production and services of our Roadmaster® products range, we are the market leaders in road repair and maintenance machinery and Spray Injection Patching technology. We are committed to our vision to shape the future of road maintenance with a continuos focus on our values.

Our Vision is to operate at a level that will establish our Company as the brand leader for the manufacture, design, distribution and marketing of road repair and maintenance machinery.  We strive to meet the requirements of local, national and international customers while constantly improving standards, efficiency and financial performance in all areas.

Archway Values

Integrity - We are honourable, ethical and fair in our dealings with clients and staff alike. It’s through transparency and honesty that we build the trust that cements relationships.

Innovation – We won't stand still if we can make things better. We will steer the market’s needs, wherever possible.

Best in Class - We are a professional team that produces quality machinery that respects human safety and the environment at large.

We have a policy of continuous development for all our products. We are committed to environmental best practice and have a Quality and Environmental Management System across our services. 

Over the past five years, we have allocated 5% of our average annual turnover to research and development. 

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